To extend your car’s lifespan, it’s crucial to keep both the heating and cooling systems healthy by using spare parts to replace poor components. It’s important to know that the A/C and heat systems are connected separately and require different materials. A thorough understanding of the A/C system is essential to a quick fix. 

It’s necessary to have a go-to provider of car parts in NZ such as Dodsons Autospares to help out when heating and cooling systems begin to fail. Here are some of the issues that can happen when the A/C and heating aren’t performing their best. 

Issues with the A/C

  • Compressor is damaged

For A/C to work properly, the condenser needs to exchange heat for cooling. Heat is dumped outside by the condenser but if it’s damaged by objects (e.g. rocks) refrigerant may start leaking. This can be damaging to the rest of the engine and needs to be replaced immediately. 

  • Condenser starts to leak or clog

Cool air requires a plentiful amount of refrigerant circulating the system. If there is a leak of refrigerant or crud build-up at the front of the condenser, flow is restricted. A telling sign of clogging or leaking is A/C humming with no cooling flow. 

  • Refrigerant is low 

This is perhaps the most common issue regarding A/C problems. Similar to a clogged condenser, an A/C system low on refrigerant will make noise but have little cooling. However, there may be some cooling, although it will likely just be air. At this point, all you’ll need is a simple top-up of refrigerant. 


Issues with Heating

  • Coolant is too low

Surprisingly, coolant is needed for heating. As mentioned above, there is an exchange system where heat is needed for A/C – similar to heating. The coolant is taken from the engine block and moved through the heater core. Here, the heat is transferred from the coolant to the flow of air being blown into the car cabin. 

The amount of coolant is proportional to the amount of heat produced. Low coolant will decrease the efficiency of heat being produced and lower the amount of heat available. 

  • Heater core malfunctioning

As mentioned above, the heater core is needed to heat the car. It’s a small radiator that draws coolant from the engine and circulates it through the car to heat up. Fans blow the heat out to the cabin from the heater core. The heater core is prone to many issues from inefficient coolant movement, poor fan strength, to tube clogging. All of these issues can be resolved with second-hand parts from a car. 

Regular maintenance of the heater core is needed to keep efficient heating available. 

  • Air inside the coolant system

When air is running through the coolant system, it decreases efficiency. With air trapping in the coolant lines, the system struggles to remove enough air to warm up the cabin. More serious problems can arise when this happens, including the engine overheating. It’s very important to check the status of the coolant system to ensure air is kept out.

  • Broken Thermostat

If the heater is never working or only sometimes – the thermostat may be damaged or broken. Replacing the thermostat is the best course of action.

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