In this edition of ‘Spotlight on Car Parts’ –  the engine mount. Connecting the engine to the chassis, the engine mount stops the uncontrollable shaking of the chassis as the mount transfers the energy to the ground. 

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There are four notable types of engine mounts, each with a specific mechanism but all are there to reduce the detrimental rattling of the chassis. 

Here are the different types of mounts and their relevance: 

1. Transmission Mount

These are typically made from a solid rubber cushion substance and welded to a bracket. The transmission mount secures the rear of the transmission to a cross-member. This cross-member is then screwed onto the chassis to assist in the reduction of vibrations. 

This interlocking system helps to tighten the transmission to the cross-member securely. 

While suppressing noise and vibrations very well, these mounts are only recommended for stock and slightly modified street engines. However, it’s recommended that an upgrade is installed when there’s an increase in horsepower. 

If the transmission mount breaks (i.e. rubber separating from the steel), the engine won’t fall off. However, the ability to control the rocking and twisting ceases. When the car accelerates, the driver will likely hear thumping and rattle noises.

2. Metal Mount

This mount is aptly absent of any rubber or plastics; this mount is entirely metal during its manufacturing. Unlike the above transmission mount, this leads to a powerful vibration and loud noise. 

Although this sounds like a negative, this mount transfers an enormous amount of power to the wheels. Obviously, in someone’s everyday life, they’re going to want something much quieter. These mounts tend to be reserved for those who are involved with competition or racing.

3. Hydro Mount

Hydro mounts have the same effect as transmission mounts because they both seek to dampen the impact of vibrations and noise. The fluid within the mount allows for absorption of the vibration. 

These are a costly alternative to the transmission mount, and they tend to leak and require regular maintenance – even still, they are known to collapse after a few years. 

Commonly used on four-cylinder and V6 engines, the hydro mount is used for those who expect less noise when their engine is on – like most luxury vehicles. 

Some hydro mounts are equipped with internal valving and a solenoid which, as mentioned above, can suppress the vibrations at different RPM. These are known as “switchable” mounts. 

4. Electronic Mounts

Finally, the electronic mounts are switchable and can alter the amount of stiffness to the support. A considerable benefit of this is adjusting the tension on the chassis to cancel out vibratory sound at different engine speeds and loads.

Alongside these mounts, a vacuum actuator can alter the mount’s stiffness. Also, this can induce a counter shake that will reduce the sensation of the engine vibrations. 

The mounts of the engine are easily overlooked and neglected. It’s of vital importance that they are checked regularly. They are destined to degrade over time and eventually fail. Loud metal clanging noises are usually the most common signs of inadequate engine mounts. 

Other signs of mount failure include: 

  • Impact noise coming from the engine bay
  • Excessive vibration
  • Engine movement (severe)

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