Recycling and reusing spare car parts in NZ will positively impact the environment and your wallet. The run-of-the-mill car comprises over 30,000 separate parts; thus, it’s essential to be aware of what happens to each piece. In addition, as time goes by, everything from the engine to the nuts and bolts will start to wear. While repairs are frequent among the more complex parts of the car, recycling and reusing specific components is becoming more common. 

Let’s go through some of the vital car components that should be repaired, recycled or reused: 

  • Motor Oil

Motor oil is highly toxic to both the environment and animals – it’s illegal in many areas to dispose of oil like any other liquid. However, some facilities allow for used motor oil to be brought in to be cleaned and ultimately reused. Although, unlike diesel or gasoline, motor oil is not used up during the combustion process, it will always need to be somehow disposed of sustainably. 

  • Windshield Glass

If your car has recently been involved in a collision, the standard process of disposing of a damaged windscreen is to toss it into the landfill. However, modern-day technology has allowed for a more conscientious approach to re-using the material. 

As the windscreen is made from a composite of plastic and glass materials – it’s now possible to separate the two and use the plastics for bottles and fibreglass insulation, respectively.   

  • Oil Filters

As oil filters contain a substantial amount of oil residue, they also need reuse or repair. Typically changed with every oil change, modern-day oil filters are designed to be recyclable once every three months. 

It’s essential to not toss away the filters with the garbage, instead have them securely packed up in a plastic bag and take them down to the nearest collection centre. 

  • Car Batteries

The car battery may be one of the most environmentally toxic components of the car. Around the world, there are strict measures in place to ensure the sustainable decommissioning of all car batteries. Most car batteries are recycled, but the impact an improper battery can have on the environment is disastrous.

Thankfully, the plastic and lead casing of the battery is frequently recycled with other batteries. Nevertheless, most auto spare part stores must dispatch batteries to recycling plants or even the original manufacturer. 

  • Water Pump

The water pump is located in a very hard-to-reach area of the engine – this protective location emphasises how expensive the part is. However, water pumps are made from plastic and, as such, should be recycled if getting replaced. 

If you consider yourself comfortable navigating your car with a wrench, you’ll be able to replace the water pump yourself. However, if you carry out a replacement on your own, it’s also encouraged to take down the old pump to an auto parts store so it can be recycled. 

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