Spare car parts are known to be greasy chunks of unusable metal, but some of these are ingredients that can make nifty household decorations. In this current environmentally-conscious society, we should use non-degradable materials as much as possible. 

You’ll be surprised at what kind of quirky knick-knacks can be made from tyres, headlights, suspension springs and more!

Here are seven spare car parts that can be modified and save you money when you require some new furnishings.

1. Tyres

Perhaps the most environmentally damaging are the spare tyres stacked in piles and set alight. Not only do they cause air pollution, but they also pose a health risk. 

Instead of these immense risks, tyres are more than capable of being sustainable items. The most obvious use is a swing for the kids out on the lawn. For something a little more ornamental, the tyres can also be turned into mirrors and painted to fit your wall decor. 

Also commonly made with tires are coffee tables. Adding a flat surface on the tire in the living room will give you a nifty table. Nothing like keeping your chilled beers on a tire as you lay back and watch the rugby.

2. License Plate

Anyone can make a few exciting novelties from license plates – including a birdhouse. Construction is carried out using multiple plates to form a box; then, a bent-in-half license plate can act as the roof on the top. 

One of the more simple doohickeys to make is windchimes. Attaching plates to a piece of wood via string makes for an excellent set of chimes. 

3. Car Bonnet

Although extremely large, the car bonnet can be used in a few cool ways. Firstly, the bonnet’s flat appearance makes it perfect for sliding behind the bed and making a stylistic headboard. A car hood headboard is the kind of accessory that any motorhead would love. 

Secondly, some modern art pieces could require a hood of a car. Some artists have used the bonnet as a body when sculpting metal animals like frogs or insects. 

4. Headlights

Within any house, there are many lights, and a headlight can make a quirky substitute that will liven up any room. 

Making for a practical study lamp or subtle light in the corner of the living room – you’ll find endless opportunities. With the proper wiring and positioning, car headlights can even be fitted into the ceiling. 

5. Car Seats

The car-seat couch is a great accessory to add to your living room or office. Notably used in the hit TV show ‘Top Gear.’ A set of backseat cushioning fortified by four legs makes for an excellent bit of furniture to host guests or even take a load off. 

If you’re feeling up to it, the backseat could also be used as a relaxing porch swing. Of course, this would require a little more assembly than the couch but should be a must for most petrol heads. 

6. Spring Suspensions

Spring Suspensions make for excellent decorations for two reasons. Firstly, their versatile shape makes them capable of holding anything from books and files to cards. Secondly, these specific coils are some of the most common spare parts in NZ and should be relatively easy to find. 

Alternatively, the springs can also be used as a quirky lampshade. The spring lampshade would be used in conjunction with a long lightbulb; this funky lamp gives off quite the steampunk vibe.


7. Car Door Handles

Due to the diversity of designs that come with car doors, the creativity is endless. The most apparent use of the handles is to replace other handles in the house. To liven up the place, swapping out the grips on the bedroom doors, cabinetry and drawers is a great way to expand your auto-themed home. 

With so many cars written off and minor damage done to large areas, there’s an abundance of second-hand parts available. As vehicles are usually hit on one side, odds are there’s at least two door handles available. 

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