Many issues with car parts can come out of left field but some are completely avoidable. Caring for your car is such an important factor in the longevity and health of a car. Good attention to detail regarding car health and frequent services will ensure you’re maintaining the vehicle to its best potential. 

This article is going to outline the necessary steps to make sure your car lives the healthiest life it can live and give advice on how to most effectively maintain your specific car parts. 

Replacing Filters

The first and most inexpensive tip to maintaining your car is the filters for oil, fuel and air. This maintenance improves not only the life of your vehicle but also your experience when driving it.

The mechanic can replace these filters regularly if they feel there is a build-up of residue or damage within. 

Check Up on the Fluids

The engine heavily relies upon new oil changes, and this is a vital chore any car owner needs to undertake. The oil serves as both a lubricant and coolant, ensuring your engine will live the most extended life it can. 

Furthermore, the radiator coolant will also need frequent attention per service as this will also need topping up and maintenance. These fluids, along with the transmission, brake, power steering and washing fluid, will all work in tandem to provide the best experience for you and health for your car.

Tyres Maintenance

The safety and handling of the car can be compromised if the tyres are not well cared for. Keeping well-inflated tyres at 32-35psi is the gold standard for quality tyre usage and will ensure longevity. 

The recommended period of checking your tyres is monthly. Most gas stations provide a free air pump that will digitally display the current pressure psi of your tyres and allow you to increase the pressure to your desired number. 

If your tyres are due a change, Dodson’s Autospares can supply you with quality second hand parts at a fraction of the price you’d pay from your car manufacturer. Upon replacing your new tyres, it’s also crucial to ensure that the tyres are rotated regularly and the alignment is also inspected. Lastly, a professional should be booked to immediately treat any steering or handling issues with the car at your local mechanics. 

Battery Inspection

Often overlooked, the battery tends not to be regularly checked during your average service. So next time you visit your mechanic, ask them to check the health of the battery. A replacement battery may come at a price, but it will be a lot cheaper than calling roadside assistance when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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