Regular servicing is beneficial for your car as it will extend the life of your vehicle and preserve the resale value. Identifying what spare parts need replacing is essential. Servicing should be done every six months for an older vehicle and yearly for all other types of vehicles. Regular checking can help identify potential problems before they become an issue.  

How often you need a service is dependent on the frequency of car use, the model of the car, driving habits and whether the car has experienced problems previously. 

Most mechanics offer an oil change, oil filter change, visual inspection, checking all levels of key fluids and some even offer a brake check at the basic service level. Often options for a more comprehensive check can be made. 

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What happens if you don’t regularly service on your car? 

Lack of oil changing and replacing the oil filter can cause sludge to build up. This can cause added friction, wear and potential oil leaks. Even if the car is not used often, old oil in the engine can still gather moisture. 

Brakes are frequently used and undergo significant amounts of friction and force on a regular basis. This causes the wearing down of the brake pads and disks. Poor braking can lead to a higher risk of accidents. 

For optimal functioning, tires need to be at the correct pressure. Too high or too low can lead to increased wear on the tire and thinning the tire at key pressure points. This may cause the tire to burst, it can also increase the fuel mileage as the car has to work harder to move. Furthermore, the wheels need to be aligned to prevent suspension joint wear and steering linkage. 

Lack of changing the air filter can result in the engine having to work harder to burn fuel. It also means the air being circulated around the car may be of poor quality. 

All in all, servicing ensure your car is operating optimally. This means lower fuel consumption, lower mechanical costs and a smoother ride. 

An added benefit of servicing

Servicing also provides an opportunity to take a more calculated look at any imperfections or problems that may have arisen since the last servicing. This can prevent exuberant mechanical costs in the future. 

Inspection can include searching for leaks, wearing, cracks or breakages. Whether you are doing the service yourself or hiring a qualified mechanic, this is an integral step in the servicing process as it ensures the safety of the car. 

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What to look for in good service

There are many different highly skilled mechanics available and it can be difficult finding the right one. Here are some rules of thumb to look for when searching for a service: 

  • Find a mechanic who specialises in your brand of car: This can ensure you get the best service from a mechanic who knows your car inside and out. 
  • Check the qualifications. 
  • Find a mechanic who explains the problem: This includes explaining the problem, costs and how to fix it. A mechanic who is ready and willing to show proof of the problem shows they are experienced and trustworthy. 

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