An important step to do before taking a long trip is to make sure your car is roadworthy and fix any broken spare parts. During long trips, a car is placed under significant strain that it may not be used to. This creates a higher potential risk for breakdowns and costly mechanical repairs.

Oil Levels

The first thing you can do is check that your oil levels are up to standard. If your oil filter has not been changed in a while, it is beneficial to either change it yourself or get a trustworthy mechanic to replace it for you. As a rough guideline, it needs to be changed every 4828-8047 kms.

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Top Up Fluids

Fluids such as engine coolant, brake fluid and windscreen fluid all need to be topped up before taking your car for a lengthy road trip. This can make sure the car is functioning at its best and ensure fuel-efficiency.

Leaks can be noticeable when the car is parked in a garage or over clean concrete. If the car is leaving any shiny residue on the ground, there may be something leaking.

Inspect Your Tires

This involves checking the tire tread and air pressure. The minimum legal tread depth in New Zealand is 1.5mm. The tire needs to be changed if it falls below the minimum requirements.

It is important to have the correct air pressure for your car. If the pressure is too high, the tire will wear through in the middle. Low pressure will cause the tire to wear at the sides and edges. This may cause the tire to burst if significant damage has occurred.

Check the spare tire as it needs to be completely functional in case of an emergency.

Check For Irregular Sounds

Irregular sounds coming from your car can often indicate a severe problem. It is important to either get a trained mechanic to look at your car or check it out yourself to find the cause of the irregular sound. Second-hand parts are a handy and more cost-effective way to fix your car.

Check The Cars Air Filter

An air filter change will ensure clean air is being sent through to the engine. The cabin filter must also be checked as this can get dirty and bring poor quality air into the car. When travelling along the hot New Zealand roads, good aircon is essential.

Make Sure Lights, Signals And Windscreen Wipers Are Working

Safety and visibility are very necessary for long trips, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Get someone to check the functioning of your lights by standing outside of the car while you turn on each one individually. This includes turning signals, brake, park and headlights. Your windscreen wipers must also be working efficiently and not leave any streaks of water behind.

Emergency Equipment

Having some emergency equipment available is highly recommended. Older cars have a higher risk of breaking down. It is therefore important to have emergency equipment on your possession. This involves ensuring the spare tire has an emergency jack and a tire iron. A first aid kit, screwdriver, jumper cables and a flashlight can be added for further safety.

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