Over time, car parts can have some significant mechanical problems. It’s helpful to have a trusted provider of car parts in NZ such as Dodson Autospares to provide new and used parts when the others are worn down or broken. Here are some of the most common issues that can occur and things to look out for when checking your car.

Poor fuel efficiency

Poor fuel economy is a common complaint amongst car owners. Engines that have not been serviced well are a popular cause for this complaint.

Air filters, fuel filters, O2 sensors, and mass airflow sensors contribute to the fuel system. These wear out over time leading to inefficient and costly fuel consumption. Routine servicing can keep the car running in good condition. Second-hand parts for fuel components can be easily found for many different types of vehicles.

Car Battery Problems

A troublesome battery often occurs in older cars. On average, car batteries last roughly around four to six years.

This is largely dependent on weather conditions, frequency of use and the age of the car. Older cars are more likely to have worse batteries. Ensure the battery is kept clean and dry, and that there is no corrosion. It may also indicate an alternator problem.


Brake systems wear out like all the other systems in a car. Brakes are a vital element in safe driving. Brake pads and discs wear out due to friction. Squealing, squeaking or a soft brake pedal must be checked by a mechanical professional.

Starter Motor Broken

If you hear a rattling sound when you start your engine, this may indicate a faulty starter motor. Each individual component in the starter motor can be replaced. Alternatively, the entire starter motor can be replaced with another.

Odd Sounding Engine

Normally an engine should be quiet. If a splattering, knocking or rattling sound is being made then the engine should be checked by a skilled mechanic.

Fuel and air must mix properly for the internal engines to combust. If you have less or more of one of these components, then it can cause the engine to misfire and splutter. This imbalance can be caused by multiple components. Used car parts in Auckland can offer an alternative solution to a costly brand new engine replacement.


Stalling can occur for multiple reasons. It is also very dangerous as it can cause accidents. A faulty filter, fuel line or defective spark plugs are just a few of the reasons for stalling.

High oil consumption

Excessive oil consumption can be concerning. Regular friction, wear and heat occur within a car. Oil helps lubricate these components and improved functionality.

If the oil light is on, it may require a check by a mechanic. A leak could be present. Frequent changing of both the oil and oil filter can reduce this problem. Spare parts in NZ can be used to replace or fix these faults.

Tire Issues

Uneven tire wear may indicate the suspension needs to be aligned. Worn out tires are more likely to experience a puncture. Rotating tires every 8047 km can extend the life of the tire. They should ideally be changed every 80467 km.


The transmission is what makes the energy created from the engine and turns it into torque. Eventually, the gears wear down and this is a very costly fix.

Leaks can occur and this increases the rate of deterioration and may lead to an unwanted car. Mostly, these cars end up in wrecking yards. Therefore the transmission must be lubricated and the filter changed regularly.

If the parts within the system have become too deteriorated, then replacement parts must be found. Sourcing spare parts in Auckland doesn’t have to cost significant amounts of money. Second-hand car parts in Auckland can be sourced at Dodson Autospares. 

Dodson Autospares

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