Some car parts are absolutely vital to the safety of your car. That means certain parts should be a priority when it comes to replacing worn out and used car parts on your vehicle. When your safety is at stake, don’t settle for second-best.

Most-Often Replaced Parts

As you drive your car, some parts wear out faster than others. While your engine is important, many of the worn auto parts of your vehicle come from other areas of the car.

Oil Filters

The most-often changed part of your car is the oil filter. Mechanics replace this item every time you change the oil in your car. This usually happens every three to six months or every 5,000 kilometres of driving. The oil filter keeps your oil clean as it remains in the crankcase. Clean oil makes your engine run more efficiently. Without clean oil, the engine may produce smoke, start a fire or stop running altogether. You may have to change your oil more often if you drive your car a lot or go through lots of stop-and-go traffic.

Windshield Wiper blades

Windshield wiper blades wear out after a year or two. Most manufacturers recommend replacing these parts every six months. The rubber on the wipers gradually wears down due to friction against the windshield. Good wiper blades keep water from accumulating on your windshield so you can see through the rain and snow. Without good windshield wipers, you might not be able to see in front of you. That could cause accidents.

Brake Pads

Brake pads last three to five years, depending on your usage. These allow your car to stop properly. You can tell when brake pads need to be replaced when you hear a grinding noise coming from your wheels. You can get into serious accidents without your brakes working properly.

Why the Right Auto Parts Are Important

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