The summer is sadly coming to a close. We don’t know about you but our purse strings are a little tighter as we recover from all the holidays and socials! Looking to be a bit more frugal this Fall? Saving money on your car maintenance doesn’t require a huge amount of in-depth knowledge or expertise. Here are a few key pointers we think will help you save some pennies:

Get to know the car

Familiarise yourself with your car! Have a read of the owners manual as this will inform you about certain maintenance requirements as suggested by the manufacturer.

Tip: Knowing the schedule dates will help you to negotiate and budget better, as you won’t be at the whim of the mechanic and will know exactly what needs doing, and when.

Go to a trusted expert

  1. Go Local – Finding a reputable repair shop is key. As locals, follow recommendations and when searching online, search for local companies. Being local, you’ll find that they’re more invested in keeping a good reputation among their local community.
  2. Check it out – make a visit, make sure the floor is clean, check for clean rags. This all shows that the mechanics take pride in work and will deliver a clean job.
  3. Check the credentials – make sure your repair shop have qualified staff and certified technicians. 

Take Preventative Maintenance Measures

Don’t ignore warning signs: speak to an expert that you trust, early. This will that any problems are fixed before they become catastrophic. When you start the engine, if the check engine lights come on – get your car checked! There may be no issues but a check up is cheaper than a breakdown recovery.

Tip: Never ignore a flashing check engine light!

Adopt a Do-It-Yourself Approach

Some jobs are easy and only require you to buy spare parts, the rest you can do yourself! Make sure you’re buying from a quality spare parts seller like Dodson’s. Ask your repair shop if they are happy to accept own purchased parts – that way you can slice off a few pennies.


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