Buying a second hand car in New Zealand is a great way to get a less expensive vehicle. Although it may not always feel the same as getting a new car, there are still some great deals out there and you can save a great deal of money.

When you investigate getting a second hand car, it’s good practice to be aware of what to look out for. You do have some legal rights after you buy the car in certain situations such as if it is faulty, the private seller gave you misinformation regarding the car, the owner is still in debt for the car or the car seller should be registered as an actual seller.

Even if you don’t think there are some problems with the car, you should still know your rights, and watch out for warning signs.

Inspect the Vehicle

When you inspect a vehicle on your own, take a checklist with you of items to pay attention to as you examine the car. Check the tyres, paint job, headlights, engine, interior, fenders and tail lights before you start the car. Make sure you start the vehicle and then take it for a test drive with the owner. Look over the car on a sunny day so you can see everything clearly.

As you examine the paint job, look for discolourations on the exterior. Any colours that look off may indicate some kind of body work done in the past. Look for scratches, dents or corrosion. If you believe something has corrosion, a magnet can indicate rust. Take a small magnet with you to see if it collects any rust particles.

Even if you have a sunny day on hand, take a torch with you to look under the bonnet. Examine the hoses, belts, battery, fuel line, air filter, coolant levels and oil filter. Take a friend with you who has some kind of knowledge about cars so he or she can point out something wrong with it.

Test Drive

On your test drive see if the engine turns over when you first start it. Check the strength of the engine when you drive up a hill. Does the car stay straight when you’re not turning the steering wheel? If not, the tyres might need an alignment. Check the headlights to see if they get brighter when you turn on the bright beams. Consider taking the car to a mechanic workshop so they can give you an honest assessment of the car’s condition. The mechanic looks over any secondhand parts to see if they are in top shape.


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