We all know how frustrating this scenario can be when you wake up in the morning: You step outside to start your day only to find that your car won’t start. Often times it is something as simple as having left your car lights on on all night and the battery has been drained. We would like to share a few simple tips that you can do yourself if you ever find yourself in the situation that your car won’t start. Before you call that tow truck give the following things a try.

If your car will not start there are only a few possible causes. Most of the time the problem will lie with your battery. The list of potential problems after the battery include troubleshooting your starter motor, ignition or your fuel system.

When you turn the key, if you listen closely and hear no sounds of the ignition attempting to start the car. You are likely looking at a dead battery. The solution to this can be as easy as giving the battery terminals a wiggle or calling a friend or neighbour to come over and give your car a jump using some jump leads. Worst case in the situation of a dead battery is that you may have to replace the battery. Jump leads can be purchased from almost any petrol station or car parts retail store. It’s always a great idea to carry a set in your car at all times.

Once you have determined that the battery is working properly, attempt to start the vehicle again. If the car makes a one or several clicking noises but nothing happens check your starter or solenoid. To do this, simply use a test light, take the light sensor and touch the starter solenoid with the light and a negative cable on the car. While you are doing this, have a friend try and start the car. If the car does not start you may need to have it replaced.

Finally, do not forget to check and see if you are out of fuel. A 5L gas can is most commonly available – if you have one of these, get it filled up and pour it down the fuel inlet. Ensure that the petrol is fresh and that the container is free of anything other than gas (hint – make sure you don’t use diesel or a petrol/oil mix you used for the lawnmower!). You do not want to make matters worse by putting old fuel into your lines. The reason why you may need to add petrol is because you could have a broken petrol gauge, if the other two steps have not started the car.

If none of these solutions offer any answers, it may be time to give Dodson’s a bell on (09) 441 3152.