For the car connoisseurs out there who take pride in their vehicles, you’ll agree that cleaning your car to a professional standard isn’t that easy – there’s a bit of a knack to it. Making sure your car is clean is an essential part of car maintenance, both inside and out. We’ve put together a complete car cleaning guide to get your vehicle spic and span.

Cleaning the Outside:

For the outside, regularly wash the body of your vehicle. You can take your car to a professional car wash every now and then, but it’s good to do it yourself as well. When you do manually wash your car, try to take care. A quick and sloppy slap-dash job risks scratching your car’s exterior and won’t do a very good job at cleaning things up.

The best way to wash the outside of your car is to start from the top, aka the roof, and work your way down. Since water runs downwards, you don’t want soap scum and other grimy residue to ruin areas of the car you just washed. Clean one section at a time. It takes longer, but it’s more efficient and gets the cleaning job done better than just simply hosing your car. You can give your car a whole rinse with the hose at the end as a finishing touch. When cleaning each section of your car at a time, don’t forget the corners and the under-body of your car, as those places can easily collect dirt. Be as thorough as can be. Make sure to clean the chrome details like the inside of the bumpers, and the glass details, including your mirrors and even the wipers on your windshield as well. Use soft rags or sturdy paper towels and a trusted wax or polish. Again, be thorough and diligent.


When deciding on which wax to use, there are three types you can choose from: liquid, soft, and hard. Liquid waxes don’t last as long but they’re the easiest to use and good for the occasional manual clean up in between professional car washes. Soft waxes are easy to apply and remove but can give mixed cleaning results. And hard waxes are good for protecting your car’s exterior but should be used if you wax your car a couple times a year, not on a regular basis.

Cleaning the Inside:

As for the inside, make sure that any and all trash is thrown away. Regularly vacuum the carpeting for any dirt and crumbs, and polish the detailing like your seats and the dashboard.

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