Modern automobiles are amazingly complex machines and can usually stand the test of time. Inevitably however, most auto parts require replacing after time, because complex machines wear out and break down. Constant maintenance is unavoidable, so here is a insight into which car parts require the most attention.

Since New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of generally reliable cars from Japanese manufacturers, finding high quality and trustworthy Japanese auto parts is easy. Kiwis can buy used cars and new or used car parts without having to worry if they’ll need to replace a broken part twice in a row. Japanese cars and their components tend to last a lot longer than others.

Even so, they still need to be replaced eventually. Usually, when a car part needs to be replaced, it has nothing to do with an accident or an unusual design flaw, but rather with ordinary mechanical wear and tear.

Oil Filter

The part that most frequently needs to be replaced on nearly any car is the oil filter. This should be replaced every time the oil itself is changed, and it’s less a question of time than of distance. Approximately every 4800 to 8000 km driven calls for these components to be replaced. That could be a monthly or a yearly chore, depending on how much motoring you do.

Windscreen Wiper Blades

The next most frequently replaced items are the windscreen wiper blades. These tend to break down after just a year or two in place. In hot and sunny climates it can be even more frequent.

Air Filter

Following those simple parts, we get to something slightly more complex: the air filter. This can run for some three or four years, or about 48,000 to 80,000 km.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are the next to go, sometimes between three and five years apart, or 48,000 to about 110,000 km. Driving a heavy vehicle or driving with starts and stops in heavy traffic will shorten their lifespan.


With the battery, distance isn’t a factor at all. They just simply have a lifespan of four or five years, after which you’ll need a new one. Hot climates and poor motoring practices can run down the battery’s life faster, though. Don’t leave the lights on while the motor’s off!


Lastly, headlights, brake lights and tyres come in for a three-way tie at five to seven years of operational life. 

Most other car parts last eight years or more, and well over 150,000 kilometers, as long as you take care of the vehicle. Be sure to regularly replace the above mentioned components before they break down and cause damage to other parts.


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