Whether you’re going on a short trip or a long trip, there are some things you should do to check out your car and make sure there is nothing wrong with it before you hit the road.

Short Trips

Check For Leaks
Look under your vehicle and check to make sure that nothing is leaking because it could result in failure of multiple parts of your car. Tell-tale signs can be puddles of fluid (black, brown, clear and green) and trails or running liquid on vertical surfaces.

It might be the worst case scenario, but a blown tire could result in a crash so always make sure you check for proper tire inflation and any clear or obvious signs of wear. Low tyre pressure also adds to poor fuel economy!

You can’t easily do this yourself, but have somebody else stand outside of your car and check the turn signals, brakes, reverse lights, headlights and headlight allignment on all sides of the car.

It might seem silly, but make sure you check the seats to make sure nobody is hiding and waiting to steal your car once you start it.

Make sure your mirrors are aligned properly and your window is clean enough so that you can easily see through the window while driving.

You should have a good understanding of what the gauges should look like when they are normal. Check these every time you get into the car to make sure nothing is wrong.

Ensure to check the vents and both the heating and cooling system to make sure they are in order. This is crucial and important to make sure you can defog or defrost.

Long Trips

You should check your oil every week and all of your other fluids monthly or right before you go on a long trip. When you do so, be sure the engine is cold and not running.

If you can, have your battery tested by a mechanic before a long road trip. If not, look for clear and obvious signs of corrosion around the batter. If you see any, have it checked or replaced immediately.

Be sure to try out and test your wipers periodically to ensure they work the way they need to work. Look out for perished and loose rubber blades. Your local garage or Repco outfit can help fit new ones for you.

Air Filter

Before going on any long distance trip, you should check your air filter before going on a long trip because it affects fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Spare Tire
Be sure to check and make sure that the spare tire is inflated and still able to be used along with the jack and tyre iron. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it, but it helps to be prepared.