The engine unit is warranted from the date of sale for the period indicated and expires at the time or distance travelled, whichever occurs first, against mechanical failure, excessive oil consumption, (i.e more than 1 litre per 1,000kms) and any excessive internal wear. Liabilities of Dodson Autospares Ltd shall be limited to the terms of this warranty and any expressed or implied condition, statement, representation or warranty statutory or otherwise is hereby excluded.

The obligations of Dodsons Autospares Ltd are limited to making a replacement, repairing, adjusting or refunding of the defective unit and no liability is accepted for consequential loss, damage or injury. No warranty is given if the unit has been abused, dismantled, modified, altered or used in any other way other than that intended by the original manufacturers. The unit must be installed in a professional manner. We recommend that, whenever possible, bolt-ons and manifolds from customers’ existing engines be used. The warranty stated covers the long motor i.e block and head and internals.


  • Clutch assembly including pressure plate.
  • Turbo unit manifolds, exhaust and inlet including carburettor and air cleaner unit.
  • Injector, injector pump and injection unit.
  • Distributor, Starter, Alternator.
  • Water Pump Assembly.
  • Belts, i.e Cambelt or Water Pump and Alternator Driving Belt (wearing part subject to periodic replacement)
  • Engines running on CNG or LPG, warranty is limited to 3 months or 5,000kms, whichever comes first.
  • Oil Leaks, except major, i.e front & rear mains seals.
  • Blown heater hoses or Radiator hose, blocked or leaking radiator or badly corroded.
  • Engine mount and plastic covers.
  • Warranty Rectification

Labour charges and associated cost will be paid as per Dodson Autospares Ltd Warranty Rectification

Schedule (available upon request or in event of claim)

Warranties offered are 12 months 10,000 kms 6 months 5,000 kms 2 months 3,000 kms

3 months replacement part or money back warranty which overrides clause 11 above.

Any claims under this warranty must be reported to Dodson Autospares Ltd before taking any action. Any expenditure incurred without approval of Dodson Autospares Ltd will not recognised.

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